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The Colombian Astronomy Student Network, RECA, invites everyone in the community to be part of the RECA MENTORING 2022-2023 program. This call is for mentors and students. The program is focused on people interested in applying for postgraduate studies in astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, and related sciences in Colombia or abroad.

All students will be able to participate in panels on various career topics in astronomy.

Mentorías 2022-2023
Etapas de la Luna


The program will be focused on students who are in the following stages of their training:

  1. Students applying to postgraduate degrees: Students who are considering applying to postgraduate degrees in astronomy (masters or doctorates) this or the following year. Who are interested in planning and strengthening their applications with the advice of a professional astronomy mentor who will be assigned to them.

  2. Students planning their careers: For students who have completed at least half of their degree, who are in master's degrees, graduate students of the undergraduate or master's degree who are thinking of continuing or transitioning to astronomy. These students will be assigned a mentor who will accompany the student for 6 months if they wish.

Mentorías 2022-2023: Acerca del programa


The mentors will have the opportunity to accompany the application process of the students for a period of six (6) months. The only requirement to be a mentor is to be in the last years of the doctorate or have a doctorate in astronomy or related areas.

Why be a mentor?

  1. Be part of the growth of the future generation of scientists in Colombia.

  2. Learn to be a mentor with the support of a network of mentors.

  3. Develop communication and coaching skills with students.

  4. Be part of the community of mentors in Colombia.

  5. Generate opportunities for self-reflection of the career in astronomy.

Mentorías 2022-2023: Información para mentores
Estrella fugaz



Deadline: July 31, 2022

Join as Mentor!

Mentored Students:

Deadline: July 31, 2022

Join as Student Mentored!

Any questions please send an email to:

Mentorías 2022-2023: Fechas y postulación
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