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RECA brings astronomy
from College Students to Professionals

So if you are at school and don't know how to approach it  to Astronomy.

Here we put some outreach groups and astronomy centers that may be useful to you to get started.

What is a Planetarium?

A Planetarium is a type of room with a dome-shaped roof that functions as a screen to mainly presenteducational shows and entertainment about astronomy and the night sky, or to train in celestial navigation.

In colombia...

The first planetarium was inaugurated in1963, which is located within the facilities of the Military Aviation School in the city of Santiago de Cali. Since then, Colombia currently has 8 Planetariums located in different regions of the country.

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What is an Observatory?

An observatory is a center from which objects, events and situations of a natural nature are investigated, analyzed and recorded, astronomical or social.

In colombia...

The first Observatory in Colombia was in fact the first Observatory in all of America. Its aboutNational Astronomical Observatory of Colombia. The building was completed on August 20, 1803 in the city of Bogotá and was declared National Monument of Colombia by decree 1584 of August 11, 1975.​ It is currently located within the grounds of the Casa de Nariño and is attached to the Faculty of Sciences of the National University of Colombia.

RAC - Colombian Astronomy Network 

It is an organization that promotes the dissemination of Astronomyfor all types of audiences. It has more than 20 years of work and is made up of university groups, Astronomy associations, planetariums, observatories, groups of educational institutions.

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